Congrats 2018 Recipient Desvitio

Creators for Creators is proud to announce that Desvitio’s project “David’s Gate” is the second recipient of the Creators for Creators grant!

Congratulations, Desvitio, on being the 2018 recipient of the Creators for Creators Grant. Please tell us a little bit about yourself!

Thank you! I am the last born out of four siblings. I was born in Nigeria, and I lived in Namibia until the age of 7, before my family moved to and settled in the UK. I have a Bachelors degree in Graphic Design obtained from the University of Salford.  

Your bio says you have been drawing all your life. When exactly did you start drawing? How were you introduced to art?

My older brother always claims to have taught me how to draw, but he can’t draw so I don’t believe him. My earliest recollections of actively drawing go back to my time spent in a Namibian boarding school, after an afternoon of work, students were sometimes rewarded by being invited to a makeshift screening of 18 wheels of justice. Without family and few friends, drawing trucks all day was one of the few ways to kept myself occupied.

What drew you to comics? What kinds of comics are you into?

Hmm, I had heard about cape comics since I was young, but I would say cartoons and a lot of anime is what really drew me into comics as a whole. In my quest to discover how some of my favourite shows were made I would repeatedly find that many began in comic form. After familiarising myself with some popular battle shonen manga, it became something I quickly fell in love with. I’ve since expanded to almost all genre of comics, but I’m still a battle shonen lover at heart.

Your proposed title is David’s Gate. Can you tell us a little bit about it? What can readers expect?

I’ve always greatly admired comics and media with the ability to give you an experience that can’t quite be captured in words. I love animals, I love grandeur, I love camaraderie, I love mystery, I love action, and I am deeply fascinated by cause and effect! David’s Gate is the beginning of an amalgamation of things I love about life. It is ultimately a fantasy adventure comic which takes place in a mythological inspired comic universe.

Congrats again! Do you have any closing words you’d like to share?

I really can’t express just how grateful I am. This grant gives me the opportunity to truly commit to what I know is my passion in comics, there’s so much I want to explore, and so much I want to show everybody. Thank you so very much!

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