The goal of the Creators for Creators grant is to support original comics work from new creators. Applicants must either be a single creator or a writer-artist duo with joint ownership of the submitted work.

Each applicant must be eighteen years old or older, and the work cannot have been submitted to a publishing company or similar entity within the past year. The Creators for Creators grant is international, so there are no geographic restrictions on applicants.

Applicants must have never had solo work published by a third-party publisher. Self-published work is acceptable, as is participation in anthologies, but any non-anthology industry publication is unacceptable.

Eligible stories for proposal must be between 64-100 pages upon completion. Works may be intended for print or digital distribution of any type, but must be wholly new works—no reprints.

How To Apply:
To apply, please right-click and save the  C4C Grant Application and Instructions and C4C Submission and Release Agreement, carefully read the instructions and terms, fill them out, and email them with your submission to If you have questions about the application not covered on this submissions page, please email

Please include the following in your application package:
• A signed release agreement for each applicant.
• Bio: A written description of yourself, your work history, and your experience with comics (no more than 500 words per applicant).
• Proposal: A rough description of your proposed story, including the conclusion (no more than two pages long).
• Sequential Art: At least five consecutive pages of finished sequential art from your story collected into a single PDF to demonstrate your storytelling. Including more than five is allowed.

Submit all documents in a single pdf labeled with your name(s) in alphabetical order to Applications will be accepted between November 25, 2018 and March 18, 2019.